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The Pilipino American Los Angeles Democrats (PALAD) is a political organization first chartered with the Los Angeles County Democratic Party in 1987. PALAD's mission is to organize and mobilize Filipino Americans in Los Angeles County. PALAD is dedicated to promoting political empowerment and increasing civic engagement and participation in the Filipino American community.


​Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal was the Founding President of PALAD in 1987 and its formation came on the heels of the successful establishment of the Statewide Filipino American Democratic Caucus within the California Democratic Party.  Leading that movement were legendary leaders in the Filipino American community, namely, the late Alice Bulos and the late Steve Arevalo, as well as Carl Lindstrom and Marivic Mabanag, all from the northern California region. PALAD was created to lead organizing efforts in the greater Los Angeles County region. 


PALAD has gone through different phases during the last 33 years under the energetic and committed leadership of many individuals.  Some of its leaders, particularly during crucial times, were Marissa Castro, Fernando Fernando, Gerald Gubatan, the late Peter Corpus, Paula Bagasao, Emma Hilario, the late Ruby de Vera, Adrienne Hament, and the late Sumi Haru.


Today, PALAD is charging forward under new leadership with a renewed commitment to the original values and aspirations in the 1980’s.


In addition to organizing the Filipino American community, PALAD is a proud member of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Clearinghouse, a network of local and national community-based political organizations who are focused on building electoral power for AAPI communities. The AAPI Clearinghouse exists to coordinate, share information, and build progressive AAPI power across the country. 

For more information on the AAPI Clearinghouse, please click here.

For the latest copy of our Bylaws, please click here.

Original PALAD Logo

PALAD Logo.png

New PALAD Logo

Founding officers of PALAD at Installation Dinner.


Former Calif. State Assemblyman Mike Roos is shown swearing in the founding officers including (L-R) Jess Castillo, Royal Morales, Joselyn Geaga (President), Hon. Mike Roos, Marissa Castro, Florante Ibanez, and Meg Thornton. 

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